What is the TECHLOG collaborative platform?

The TECHLOG collaborative platform is the technological tool that supports the activities of the two Living Labs promoted by TECHLOG and will represent the collaborative environment in which the beneficiaries of TECHLOG can cooperate to co-create, test and share new innovation initiatives and training programs based on advanced driving simulation technologies for port and transport staff. The platform is conceived to support the cooperation and exchange of information and good practices among the different innovation players operating in the port and road transport sectors of the Mediterranean area.

The TECHLOG platform provides a wealth of services and functionalities aimed at facilitating knowledge sharing and joint technological initiatives between the innovation players and users coming from both academia and transport/port industry and operating in the field of innovation and advanced simulation for transport and ports.

What is the TECHLOG Living Lab?
The TECHLOG Living Labs (one set in the eastern and one in the western shore of the Mediterranean area) aim at bringing together interested research organisations, private companies and operators, public authorities, and users to work together for developing and testing new training and innovation initiatives for the transport and port sectors. By introducing programs to support research-industry cooperation, the LLs are the collaborative environment where the new innovation initiatives are first developed using an open-innovation approach and then transferred.


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