Volvo Group is investing in autonomous-truck startup Waabi

Volvo Group Venture Capital (VGVC) has announced an investment in Waabi Innovation Inc., a company that is developing the next generation of autonomous trucking technology using artificial intelligence.

Waabi’s Waabi Driver product, which uses an “AI-first autonomy stack,” allows it to learn from an advanced driving simulator that the company has developed. The investment highlights the companies’ shared commitment to redefining the way goods are moved and accelerating the deployment of future transport solutions. Waabi is open to partnerships and collaborations to commercialize autonomous transport solutions at scale. The amount of the investment was not disclosed.

According to Volvo Group Venture Capital, the freight movement is rapidly increasing, putting pressure on every part of the supply chain, and they believe that fully autonomous trucking transports are key to providing additional capacity, better safety and improved efficiency as well as supporting drivers on tiresome routes.

Waabi’s AI-first approach to autonomous trucking is what sets it apart and it is hoped that VGVC’s investment will help accelerate the deployment of the technology.

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