Valenciaport is the 1st in Europe to install green hydrogen supply station

The Port Authority of Valencia (PAV) has begun using hydrogen in its terminal operations, with the arrival of the first shipment of hydrogen to supply a refueling station on the Xità quay. This makes the Port of Valencia the first in Europe to have a hydrogen installation in real-world conditions. The PAV stated that this installation is the only one capable of supplying the needs of the terminals through a mobile hydrogen plant and a fixed tank that stores the fuel.

The hydrogen supply station includes a fixed component for the reception, storage, and compression of hydrogen up to delivery pressure, as well as a mobile component that stores compressed hydrogen and has a dispenser for refueling port machinery. On January 17th, the first load of green hydrogen arrived at the plant and was loaded into the storage tank at the Port of Valencia. Technicians from the PAV, the Valenciaport Foundation, the National Hydrogen Centre, and Carburos Metálicos, the company supplying the hydrogen, carried out different tests for about an hour to prepare the operation for filling the fixed tank located on the Xità uay with hydrogen.

The mobile station will be loaded next week and will travel to the MSC and Grimaldi terminals to supply hydrogen to the two prototypes of port machinery that will be arriving soon, where this clean fuel will be tested. The PAV’s Head of Environmental Policies, Raúl Cascajo, emphasized that this project is strategic for reducing emissions and is in addition to other initiatives such as the installation of photovoltaic plants or wind turbines to achieve the goal of becoming a zero-emission port by 2030. This initiative is part of the H2Ports project, which is coordinated by the Valenciaport Foundation in collaboration with the PAV and financed by the European Union’s Clean Hydrogen JU program. Its main objective is to test and validate hydrogen technologies on port machinery, providing practical and real-world solutions without affecting the performance and safety of port operations and producing zero local emissions. The Port of Valencia started working with hydrogen in 2019 before this project was launched

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