Transport statistics – Maritime sector

An efficient and well-functioning passenger and freight transport system is vital for European Union (EU) enterprises and inhabitants. The EU’s transport policy aims to foster clean, safe and efficient travel throughout Europe, underpinning the internal market for the carriage of goods and passengers by road and the right of citizens to travel freely throughout the EU (for both work and pleasure).

EU maritime policy addresses the competitiveness of maritime transport, the implementation of safety and security rules, the reduction of the risk of serious maritime accidents, and the environmental impact of maritime transport. The European Commission also works to ensure the protection of citizens as users of maritime transport services, ensuring safe and secure conditions, looking after their rights as passengers, examining the adequacy of the public service maritime transport connections, and reducing administrative burden through the simplification of procedures. Yet, as the EU strives to move towards a climate-neutral economy, the sector must play its part in this transition.

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