The importance of promoting hydrogen-fueled vehicles in trucking. AMTA receives funds from US federal government

The Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA), Canada, has secured funding from the US federal government to promote the use of hydrogen-powered vehicles in the trucking industry. The AMTA and the University of Alberta will receive $3 million as part of a $9.74 million investment through PrairiesCan, which aims to support over 1,600 jobs and establish Alberta as a leader in the hydrogen sector.

The AMTA’s funding will be used to test and demonstrate the capabilities of hydrogen as a fuel for heavy vehicles, including acquiring hydrogen fueling equipment in Calgary and Edmonton to conduct pilot projects, offering fleet operators the chance to trial hydrogen fuel, creating an educational and awareness tour to engage the industry, and building a pilot hydrogen fueling station in Calgary.
“With the right resources and expertise, Alberta has the potential to become a global leader in hydrogen,” said Doug Paisley, Chairman of AMTA. “This funding will allow us to utilize these resources and transition the commercial transportation sector to this low-carbon fuel. AMTA is excited to play a role in shaping the future of transportation.”

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