TECHLOG’s “Training of Trainers” -Workbooks and materials available online! Blocks 0/1

In the context of the TECHLOG (Technological Transfer for Logistics Innovation in the Mediterranean Area) project, a Training for Innovation Trainers (ToIT) has been designed and carried out in the Eastern (Livorno, Italy) and Western (Alexandria, Egypt) Mediterranean.

The objective of the actions was to provide representatives of EU-Mediterranean transport and port institutions or organizations with the tools necessary to become innovation trainers in the field of advanced simulation for port and transport activities. That is, to train representatives of such institutions to be capable of promoting, leading, and accompanying innovation processes in their own local contexts; to be able to recognize the benefits of academia-industry cooperation for innovation in the sector; and to understand and explore the benefits and potential of simulation for training and innovation in the logistics and transport sector.

Due to high value of this events, we make available onilne information materials, presentations in PDF format and related guides, to provide the tools and guidance for the exploration, design, development, and implementation of new, innovative solutions. Therefore, the TECHLOG ToIT package places the focus on how to think about problems and their potential solutions rather than what to think and how specifically to solve them. This makes it a timeless and highly adaptable approach.

The material is arranged in blocks from 0 to 10. Below you will find the two blocks, each of which consists of a PDF presentation and a related guide.

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