Survey suggests multi-fuel future for shipping industry on path to zero emissions

The Global Maritime Forum, Global Centre for MaritimeDecarbonisation (GCMD), the Mærsk Mc- Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping conducted a survey of 29 shipping companies to understand how industry leaders are thinking about future fuels and their plans to adopt cleaner fuels and efficiency-boosting technologies, according to GCMD on Thursday (20 April). 

The companies surveyed roughly represent 20% of the world’s total fleet capacity; they own and operate container ships, tankers, dry bulkers, gas carriers, car carriers, cruise ships, tugs, and offshore vessels.

Respondents, professionals responsible for the decarbonisation efforts of these organisations, were asked about their plans and projections to adopt cleaner fuels and efficiency boosting technologies.

The most striking result from the survey is a multi-fuel future: the need to prepare for fleets operating on three or more fuel ’’families.’’ The most common mix by 2050 represented by 40% of respondents is a fleet concurrently running vessels on fuel oil/biodiesel, methane, methanol, and ammonia—a step-change in fuel diversity.

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