Major French port upgrade gets under way

A €17 million port transformation has begun in Cherbourg as part of a larger project to ultimately connect southwest France to the British Isles and Spain.

In total, €61 million will be spent on all three of the Ports de Normandie’s ports of Caen-Ouistreaham, Cherbourg and Dieppe. Five million heavy goods vehicles crossed the English Channel last year either by ferry or through the tunnel, the port says, an increase of 25% over 10 years. The group has set itself the task of building the infrastructure to be able to accommodate larger vessels, expand its area and create a more efficient land transport service to complement road services. “We are aiming to develop activity to enhance added value and promote employment across the territory, optimise the general Normandy port system, and in addition to the two major seaports, equip Normandy with a port structure of national importance, while remaining flexible and responsive,” said Hervé Morin, president of the Ports de Normandie.

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