Insights from TECHLOG’s Eastern Living Lab Launch and Collaborative Innovation Agreements

During the 3rd TECHLOG Steering Committee meeting held in Beirut, Lebanon several noteworthy events unfolded. The focal point was the launch event of the Eastern Living Lab, an endeavor centered around the technological transfer for logistics innovation in the Mediterranean region. Organized by the Chamber of Beirut and Mount Lebanon, the event garnered participation from TECHLOG partners and stakeholders from Italy, Spain, Tunisia, Egypt, and Lebanon. This assembly culminated in the signing of two pivotal cooperation agreements in innovation and training between the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT) and prominent logistics entities: Egyptian Global Logistics Company (EGL) and Ship & C.R.E.W.  At the heart of this collaborative initiative were the interviews conducted by AASTMT with representatives from EGL and Ship & C.R.E.W. These interviews provided insights into how these logistics stakeholders view the TECHLOG project’s goals and the potential benefits it could bring to their respective industries.

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