Carbon capture and storage interest grows, HMM to install system on boxship

A growing number of shipping companies are looking to carbon capture and storage (CCS) as way to reduce CO2 emissions and HMM is set to conduct field tests on a containership in the second half of this year.

The study found that the system could be installed without changing equipment on the vessel or impact stability of operation of the vessel. The carbon is collected in a liquefied form in a specialised tank to be offloaded from the vessel.

Following the study HMM now plans to install a CCS system onboard a containership for an operational test with Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) and Panasia, both of which will provide engineering support.

One of the question marks over CCS is what happens to the CO2 after it is offloaded from the vessel. HMM said the collected carbon could be used in dry ice manufacture or what it  described as smart farms.

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